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"But how can I fit these 35" tires on my FJ Cruiser?"
"What is this BMC everyone is posting about?"

Look no further and ask no more on those infamous Toyota internet groups! For those that aren't aware, the BMC is a Body Mount Chop and is generally required for adding larger mud tires to FJ Cruisers. Our good friend Jason has his reciprocating saw and open appointments at the Crystal Lake Discount Tire and Stabbing Center. He's been YouTube trained to trim back your body mounts so those knobby 35" tires can fit snugly within your fender wells!

Don't like his mechanics skills? I'd suggest holding back all one star reviews and using your newly equipped off-roading vehicle to escape the scene. He's not really into constructive criticism. "Do you even BMC?"

Jason the Mechanic is approx. 3" x 4" Full Embroidery and Velcro backed. Only 100 have been made and only 95 will be sold. Limit 3 Per Customer.

Initial Drop Date Sunday October 1 at 8:00pm Eastern

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