Alligator Loki & Throg Ranger Eye Patches


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In the multi-verse there are many versions of our favorite characters. These super glowing acrylic ranger eyes are our tribute to a couple of our random favorites, Alligator Loki (although we prefer to call him Croaki) and Throg!

Background on Alligator Loki:
Alligator Loki is a variant of Loki who was pruned by the Time Variance Authority for eating a neighbor's cat, and banished to the Void.

Background on Throg:
Once a human, football player Simon Walterson was turned into a frog by a witch. Later, he was given the hammer of Thor and fought for justice as Throg.

Size: 1″ x 1″ Traditional Ranger Eyes
Acrylic with High Glow
Only 95 Sets Made (2 Patches Per Set)
Includes Art Cards
$14 Set Plus Tracked Shipping

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